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The whole fairyland forced me to fall in love

The whole fairyland forced me to fall in love

The whole fairyland forced me to fall in love

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    The whole fairyland forced me to fall in love
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    Time sheath L
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2022-09-22 13:56:41
Shen Shuangyu only wants to practice, but the whole fairy world forces her to fall in love SHEN Shuangyu: "I'm sorry, immortal friends, I'm practicing ruthless Taoism." those who are bad at my Taoism, get out of the way fine version: "Shen Xianjun!! take care of your good apprentice! The fairyland is about to be overturned!" as soon as he came out of the mountain, Shen Shuangyu learned that the clever and sensible little apprentice in his memory had turned black into a great devil hmm what happened did you practice too seriously the blackened little disciple suddenly rushed up and held her in tears: Master, I miss you so much SHEN Shuangyu: huh? What is this SHEN Shuangyu cultivates the ruthless way, but she is a little apprentice, but she is trapped by her feelings and even goes crazy while the little apprentice was still talking about the friendship between teachers and disciples, Shen Shuangyu decided to take him to practice ruthless Taoism. However, the stupid apprentice refused to live or die and wanted to be a devil a group of Immortals: you are in charge SHEN Shuangyu: it's not up to the master. I'm going to practice Immortals: no! You're gone. Who cares about the devil little apprentice: take care of me SHEN Shuangyu: I just want to practice. How could I expect to be opposed by Quan Xian? These days, those who are practicing hard are also wrong Straight female immortal with one mind to cultivate face and cold heart vs affectionate white cut black little apprentice with love brain

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