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The little wife of the blood clan boss

The little wife of the blood clan boss

The little wife of the blood clan boss

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    The little wife of the blood clan boss
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    Luo Xinye
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    Wind Book
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2023-01-29 15:32:33
Nightmare Shang goes out on a mission and meets a handsome boy with red lips and white teeth before the blood was dirty, the boy smiled at her, and mengshang couldn't help but want to take him back to Haosheng to tease him. She likes the appearance of young Qingjun and gentle, and prefers to look at young people, because she blushes, her heart beats and her eyes are ashamed as the eldest lady of the Belmont family, the first vampire hunter "the other side of the blood", she is intelligent and unparalleled. There is never a lack of suitors around her. Even her Majesty the Pope, whom everyone admires, admires and pursues her the young man looked at her and asked softly, "do shang'er like them?" yan'shang looked at his clear eyes and said with a smile, "they are not as lovely as you." "does shang'er like me?" yan'shang didn't want to say, "yes." as soon as the young man turned around, he opened his fangs and dealt with her suitors one by one... I've heard that the first thing that the blood clan leader who has been closed for many years did after his death is to forcibly abduct the eldest lady of the Belmont family looking at the familiar face, Yan Shang flashed a mistake at the bottom of his eyes. The boss picked her up, locked her tightly in his arms and felt happy. "Now shang'er is mine." (PS: 1v1sc, the author is a non professional. If the content conflicts with reality, just ignore it, and the textual research party should be careful.)

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