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Little wolf dog, he s so sweet

Little wolf dog, he s so sweet

Little wolf dog, he s so sweet

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    Little wolf dog, he s so sweet
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    Pure bad
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    Light Novel
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2023-05-25 20:19:52
After Liu mang bound the second generation transformation system of the waste ditch, he stepped on his boots and said that she wanted the right name and the top boss once the strongest empress of the Star Alliance, she first established a training center for blue star heirs, and then made a lot of clever plans to flirt with the mysterious Lord Qi at the beginning of the establishment of the training center, people were dismissive. The boss was very cold and ignored her half a year later, there were countless trainees in her training, and all of them knelt at her feet the ultimate legend of the blue star plane, Qi Yuan, the world-class richest man, also took his wealth Empire to the door of the training center however, what he wanted was not a qualified successor, but to marry legendary trainer Liu mang Qi Yuan: your infatuation makes me surrender at your feet. Even if you don't want anything, I also want to give you everything... parallel time and space is completely irrelevant to reality (this story is purely fictional.)

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