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Be coquettish to the violent man

Be coquettish to the violent man

Be coquettish to the violent man

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    Be coquettish to the violent man
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    Passion Novel
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2022-05-13 22:35:02
In his previous life, Meng Ting was framed to death because of the betrayal of the people around him and the failure of the experiment she was born again and became the most unpopular young lady of the Meng family. Open and hang life all the way Jiang Jin, the Jiang family in the capital, is said to be decisive, cold and noble, moody and mean Mr. Jin is going to get a wife. He is still the most useless young lady of the Meng family. And I heard that it was still a dead person in the school! As soon as the news came out, the whole capital burst into flames no one believes that a waste can sit firmly as the mother of the Jiang family. Everyone is waiting for their divorce. I wanted to hide my strength, but I vividly showed what "strength is not allowed." Meng Ting stirred the major forces in the capital to reshuffle with his genius brain her true identity was gradually revealed, and no one underestimated her for a while but year after year, Meng ting and Jiang Jin not only didn't get divorced, but also sprinkled dog food every day. Everyone began to throw bowls. They ate this bowl of dog food!

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