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Flower charm of beauty cup

Flower charm of beauty cup

Flower charm of beauty cup

Rating: 9 / 10 from 7123 ratings
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    Flower charm of beauty cup
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    Minyue Yuxi
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    Redhouse Novel
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2022-10-06 09:55:25
In the land of all souls, there are Terrans and Meizu. It is said that Meizu is a "monster" that captures people's hearts and souls. She lives in a corner, but she doesn't know that Meizu is also mixed with the human race... she has a gentle appearance and smart inside. She can manage business and girls, but she can't control her own heart he is a beautiful man. At first sight, he was also amazed by her, but he couldn't resist people's hearts after all in this world, is there any way to make a seemingly intentional but actually unintentional person a prisoner of love that year, he stood on the high city tower and held her hand. "One day, I will show you all the beautiful rivers and mountains of the great luck!" she closed her eyes, "Ye Dong, if you are a poison and the lover seals his throat, I will be happy!"

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