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Group pet fake golden pop entertainment circle

Group pet fake golden pop entertainment circle

Group pet fake golden pop entertainment circle

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    Group pet fake golden pop entertainment circle
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    This mu Fei
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    Passion Novel
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2023-05-02 11:44:25
Shi Xi: "the new film asks for support. If the box office doesn't exceed 500 million, I can only go back and inherit 100 billion." netizen: don't dream, wake up Shi Xi: "thanks! The box office has exceeded 500 million, so you don't have to go back and inherit your family!" netizens: another crazy... until the new Forbes list was updated, Netizens found that list 1 was Shi Xi * dressed as a miserable fake daughter, Shi Xi just wanted to stay away from the plot and save his life never follow the old path of inheriting family property, robbing male owners and being thrown into the river to feed fish therefore, Shi Xi gave up inheriting his family property and cut through thorns and thorns in the entertainment industry but it's clear that she's like a duck to water in the entertainment industry. Why does everyone think she's miserable and wronged rich parents: "baby daughter, go home and inherit the family property." brainless pet sister brother: "you're a brain. You're not suitable for mixing in the entertainment industry. Go home and eat until you die. Brother will raise you." GAO Leng's female boss sister: "only my sister can bully my sister." domineering male fiance: "I'll always stand by you." Shixi stepped back and shouted in his heart: don't come here the gentle black bellied villain stopped her, "stay away from them. Do you want to be with me?"

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