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Big man, he s wanton and frivolous

Big man, he s wanton and frivolous

Big man, he s wanton and frivolous

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    Big man, he s wanton and frivolous
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    Time greed
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    Wine Novel
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2023-05-03 23:56:44
[beautiful, kind-hearted, wild crazy face beating female owners Vs Black bellied teenagers, but they have amazing science thinking bosses] it is rumored that there is a dark school grass in Xicheng No. 3 middle school, which is rebellious and frivolous. Girls who like him can walk around No. 3 middle school n times Miao Jiayi is no exception finally, in the third year of secret love, she made a confession to her circle of friends "I've always felt that boys who only look at their faces and figures are very superficial." "except Qu Haomiao." when they saw it, they scoffed and sympathized the party concerned also lived up to expectations and continued to eat and drink like a blind eye... but one day later, they suddenly started a sweet love routine Qu Haomiao will buy a lot of snacks at one time in the snack shop of the little girl's house. He will help the little girl run the shop and act like a spoiled girl to him... Miao Jiayi: "brother Miao, let's talk." "what about you..." Qu Haomiao paused and said, "I have nothing to talk to you except love." "..." why don't you play cards according to the routine people were caught off guard and ate dog food: "God, Qu Haomiao has changed, or I have changed, or the world has changed." 1v1, the female owner secretly fell in love with the former campus and the later society, and the outcome was super sweet.

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