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Di Nvxian Zun

Di Nvxian Zun

Di Nvxian Zun

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    Di Nvxian Zun
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    Yin Shanghua opens
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    52weixin Books
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2022-09-23 04:04:17
As soon as an Ling crossed, he became the prime minister's house of Yunlan state in Kyushu mainland. He was also possessed by demons. His direct daughter ye Qingge was abandoned by his relatives and calculated by his concubine. He was also married to the murderous, cold-blooded and ruthless Regent of the current Dynasty in desperation, in order to survive, we plan step by step, making iron, pharmaceutical and opening restaurants all the way to the broad road ----- but one day, when the demon army invaded Kyushu, the world changed color and life was ruined the spirit pulse pressed in her body awakened. At this point, she found that she was the master of the world! Xuanyu Lingzhou's most powerful immortal statue and he is also the supreme existence when the two generations return, whether they are human beings, demons or demons, let's see how she turns her hands over the clouds and over the rain to subvert the world!

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