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The lady s face is cool and rustling

The lady s face is cool and rustling

The lady s face is cool and rustling

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    The lady s face is cool and rustling
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    Passion Novel
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2023-01-27 08:40:41
[strong alliance] the whole Yongcheng city knows that Miss Su's family is vicious and notorious. She works all day, and her family hates her in every way slag Dad: I don't have such a daughter. My daughter is only Xinyan old lady: you've lost all the faces of the Su family sister Bai Lianhua: sorry, sister, we have never been people in the same world scum: it's a waste that can't be on the table. People with low status don't deserve to enter our circle however... Miss Su hasn't made a statement yet, and everyone can't stand it a movie star: "bullying my boss, I'm impatient?" an association: "please tell the president, go bankrupt or block?" a group: "what's the Su family? It's not worthy to lift shoes for the boss." leaders in various fields: "Hello, sister-in-law!" Su ran: "?" when the outside world is marveling at the exposed identity of Miss Su, it's said to be mysterious and noble, The abstinence and self-discipline boss hugged her "little ancestor, what identity do you have that I don't know?" the man's tone is hooked and lazy sister ran hung her lips slightly and smiled brightly: "your wife."

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