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After her rebirth, she burst into entertainment

After her rebirth, she burst into entertainment

After her rebirth, she burst into entertainment

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    After her rebirth, she burst into entertainment
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    Hugh le
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2023-05-25 19:47:18
She was the only female general buried in military ceremony in the Daxing Dynasty. Once reborn, she became a notorious vase actress in the entertainment industry the agent who wanted her to accompany her said, "Zuo Chu, if you dare to run again, get out of the entertainment industry!" General Zuo said faintly, "you're fired." turned around and became the new queen under the gold medal agent the well-known host of a variety show: "Zuo Chu also wanted to come to my program? Dream!" the next day, Zuo Chu's hot search for another variety show on the microblog exploded a well-known director who wanted her to be a guest star said, "why, if you don't want to, you can talk about the conditions?" General Zuo thought for a moment and seriously asked, "do you manage the food?" director: "manage!" General Zuo continued: "do you manage the food?" marching and fighting tells us that before the soldiers and horses move, food and grass go first the director twitched at the corner of his mouth and waved his big hand: "Guan full, as long as you come!" but in the future, when the logistics director of the crew came to him with a sad face and said that most of the boxed meals of the crew were swept away by Zuo Chu, the director's face froze he is the first noble childe in the capital, but he is naturally weak and ill. On the first day of meeting Zuo Chu, he saw her beating people he wanted to hire a bodyguard and a thug, but he kept it. Ji Mu began to think something was wrong Ji Mu: "what are you doing?" General Zuo: "work." Ji Shao looked at her seriously talking nonsense and gasped: "work on the couch?" Zuo Chu opened his quilt and said with awe inspiring righteousness: "I'm a close bodyguard!" * Sashuang female general x delicate young master the so-called love at first sight, Most of them are inspired by the color

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