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He said I was his fairy

He said I was his fairy

He said I was his fairy

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    He said I was his fairy
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    Yan Qichi
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    Pc Books
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2022-06-14 21:39:14
[cool, stuffy and coquettish Xueba] × Jiang Chi was fostered at his aunt's house when he was young. Later, his mother received him from the Song family to live a good life, but he was pushed back by his young sister, causing a car accident she became a vegetable and lay in bed for two years. She woke up unexpectedly. She had no relatives and fainted downstairs in the inpatient department of the hospital and was picked up by Cheng Jin he thought she was troublesome more than once, but every time she was weak and fell down, he always took care of her by himself Simple Jiang Chi likes to rely on Cheng Jin, not only because he has a good temper and good grades one day, Cheng Jin took Jiang chi to the supermarket to buy daily necessities. He went to the shelf selling women's sanitary napkins and was ready to ask Jiang Chi what brand he wanted. When he looked down, he saw Jiang Chi staring at a couple not far away. He asked, "what are you looking at?" JIANG Chi wondered, "why can that boy hold the girl's hand?" Cheng Jin explained patiently, "It's normal for a couple to hold hands." JIANG Chi slowly raised her hand and meditated for a moment. She reached out and touched Cheng Jin's hand pushing the shopping cart. "My hand looks good and I'll hold it for you." Cheng Jin: "?" he raised his eyebrow and smiled, "you want to fall in love with me?" "do you have to be a couple to hold hands?" Jiang Chi thought carefully. Cheng Jin tricked him, "well, it's either a relationship or taking advantage of others." JIANG Chi was a little slow and stared at Cheng Jin's other beautiful hand hanging on his trouser leg, "then I'll fall in love with you... Will you hold my hand?" "OK." his eyes suddenly burst into laughter. [illogical little sweet text]

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