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Koi s beautiful wife: who says, who is unlucky

Koi s beautiful wife: who says, who is unlucky

Koi s beautiful wife: who says, who is unlucky

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    Koi s beautiful wife: who says, who is unlucky
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    Wind green clothes
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    Long Novel
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2022-12-04 15:03:57
Five million at the beginning, plus a dilapidated house and a seriously ill father Su Shuang, the great star envoy who crossed from modern times to ancient times, managed to mix with thousands of people. A thunder split her back to modern times and attached herself to the body of a bankrupt daughter before I had time to stop, I found that it was unusual and had some connection with previous lives more importantly, I can always meet my ex fiance uncle in various places, a man with a full sense of danger "are you really not following me?" "naturally, since we are so lucky, we might as well get married." after careful consideration, she agreed on the fifth meeting what can be safer than keeping danger close to you after getting married, Ji found that his wife can do everything except being coquettish and cute. Especially when you curse people, it's really unlucky to talk about anyone. The bad thing is that you look at him with defensive eyes Su Shuang found that she seemed lucky after she got married. She felt pretty good it's just that the man looks at her more and more wrong.

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