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Mirror of rebirth

Mirror of rebirth

Mirror of rebirth

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    Mirror of rebirth
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    Stay in the cloud and borrow the moon 7
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    Only Novel
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2023-02-03 05:23:08
Green silk wraps around plain hands and frost and snow condenses bright wrists. Sixteen is the king's wife, willing to share the dust with Egypt although she lost her mother when she was young, Chen Yuerong lived a happy life. The father loves, the grandmother loves, the concubine is friendly, and the husband dotes. She lost her chance to be a mother only because of an accident but it doesn't matter. Her life is happy. Although she has regrets, she is generally happy... when she woke up, she went back to the boudoir. For her, such rebirth is just to separate herself from her loving husband. For her, it is just a pair of arsenic however, before she had time to suffer and be confused, she suddenly found that the happiness of her previous life was just a mirror of water and moon.

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