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Little fairy, please stay

Little fairy, please stay

Little fairy, please stay

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    Little fairy, please stay
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    Green silk clothes
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    Passion Novel
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2022-08-26 16:06:59
Lying flat fairy Xue ranxiang once crossed to ancient times. She didn't have enough to eat, wear warm clothes, live in a cowshed and coexist with humans and animals. Fortunately, the crossing included a system that can collect food when she checked in. But why does the dog system only care about one meal a day? Anyway, I can hang my life at least look around, there are many wonderful relatives like wolves... Lying flat is impossible. Roll up your sleeves and rush forward ? Why does this immortal Taoist look so familiar? < br> …… little Taoist: "it's very difficult for your mother to take care of your two sisters and make a living alone. I think..." Xue ranxiang: "do you want to be my father?" ... little Taoist: "you've helped me a lot for so long. In fact, I..." Xue ranxiang: "you're welcome. I've always done everything for my brother!" ... little Taoist: "it's too heavy. I'll move it." Xue ran Xiang: "that's it? Who do you despise?" < br> …… really fragrant Xue ranxiang: "Yuelao, I think that little Taoist is really good. When will you lead us a red line?" Yuelao Sanlian: "try your best. Die and leave!"

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