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I don t want to fight after dressing as an outer room

I don t want to fight after dressing as an outer room

I don t want to fight after dressing as an outer room

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    I don t want to fight after dressing as an outer room
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    Sum of two sides
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    Only Novel
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2023-05-31 13:00:00
Yu Zhi, a senior salt fish in the Xiuzhen world, dressed into the outer room of the third young master of Wu'an in the Daqing Dynasty. This woman is white and beautiful, delicate and soft, and was offered by a local official when the third young master went out to investigate the case< Br> after Yu Zhi found out his own situation, he was very stable. The outside room is just the outside room, including food and housing, high salary, less requirements, the boss is tall, good-looking, generous, where to find such a good job< Br> Yu Zhi, a salted fish, flew up in the morning waves in Daqing< Br> Gou Gou Gou, the boss looked at her increasingly hot eyes< Br> in spite of family opposition, the boss insisted on marrying her as the landlady< Br> no! If the door is not in the right place, the marriage has no future, and the office romance is not important. She just wants to be a small employee, and she doesn't want to be a superior< Br> in the face of the boss's inducement, I feel my chin and get excited! Or, change a map and continue to linger< Br> it was a bolt from the blue that Shaoqing of Dali temple and the third childe of marquis Wu'an were fascinated by a small outer room from humble origins and insisted on marrying her as the wife of the main room< Br> on the wedding day, the heart of the capital was broken< Br> Qi Da is not a coincidence. No one believes that an outside room can sit firmly and smell the position of the third lady. Everyone sits and waits for Yu Zhi to be retired. but a year and two have passed, and Yu Zhi has not been retired, but has also been spoiled by her husband more and more charming. three and five years have passed, and Yu Zhi has not been retired. She has both children, and is held in the palm of her husband. she has become the most enviable woman in the whole capital< Br> no one knows that Yu Zhi is the woman Wen jiuxiao married with all his means. He doesn't love the world, but he is willing to treat the world well for her.

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