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The 103rd night I said sorry to you

The 103rd night I said sorry to you

The 103rd night I said sorry to you

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    The 103rd night I said sorry to you
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    Zero micro on the night of May 1st
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    Garden Novel
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2023-03-27 16:29:06
Baichuan, pseudopsychotic. Lin FengChuan, a patient with depression. Two people who originally lived in extremes, from acquaintance and love to the final mutual redemption, and finally the girl watched him and another girl happy but helpless< Br> they met - Lin FengChuan went to the hospital with his classmates under the arrangement of the school. He hated the suffocation feeling in the noisy crowd and came to ward 07 alone. The 16-year-old girl nestled in a ball on the hammock on the balcony, and the sunlight shuttled through the gaps between the leaves and finally fell on the girl's face. The 17-year-old boy slowly walked towards the balcony and found a cool corner to snuggle up to... they fell in love - the boy walked out of the haze with the help of the girl and rekindled his confidence in life. He was admitted to Lumei college and went to other places. She said that when he came back< Br> mutual Redemption - the girl took a beautiful picture. In the photo, the girl is holding a agave in her hand, wearing a sick suit, her black long straight hair is a little messy, and her face is his most familiar smile. In order to draw a picture, the girl in the picture is holding a Agave, with long black hair and a familiar smile - this time the girl is wearing a white wedding dress, surrounded by a boy in a handsome suit< Br> ending - "I've long been disqualified. I let go first."< Br> she once loved two people, one made her love but couldn't, and the other made her frustrated< Br> they are suitable, but not suitable< Br> their love was envied by many people, but it was their lifelong sorrow< Br> "I thought I was out of the abyss, but I didn't expect this to be the second."

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