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Classmate, don t be afraid

Classmate, don t be afraid

Classmate, don t be afraid

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    Classmate, don t be afraid
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    Stewed with wormwood
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    Wine Novel
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2023-03-27 14:21:31
Lin zhe: "I didn't expect that he thought I was a good man."< Br> when he saw her for the first time, she was dressed in black with a pair of gray shorts, with blood stains on the corners of her mouth, and her big eyes looked at him directly, as if looking for help - because she was trapped by several people< Br> she saw him for the first time - Xiao Xun. Xiao Xun was dressed neatly, tall and handsome. Three men surrounded her< Br> "classmate, I'll save you!" Xiao Xun shouted loudly, ran over and took her away, "don't be afraid."< Br> Lin zhe felt a little funny, and she didn't want to confess that she was actually very good< Br> under the rising sun, she held his hand, and his palm was warm. The heat of summer is not annoying, at least at this moment, facing the breeze, she wants to hold on forever< Br> "you saved me once, can you save me a second time?" //////////////////////////////////////////////// remarks: 1 Medium born Lin yux was abandoned, illegitimate son Xiao Xun 2 Salvation 3 Youth campus, youth days are desirable< br>4. Recommend the pre-sale article next door - does my childhood sweetheart like me< br>5. Buy a cute one for the boss. Thank you for your support д ; )6. Be able to revise articles when you are free 7 Others to be added, I will try to write Da ~ meimoda ~ (^ з^)- ☆

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