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Years have not passed, and I am not at ease

Years have not passed, and I am not at ease

Years have not passed, and I am not at ease

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    Years have not passed, and I am not at ease
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    Yao Yao
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    Sky Book
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2023-02-26 08:40:51
That year, they met each other at the parents' meeting of their brothers and sisters I don't know where to start and go deep Wen chenan, a gentle and elegant gentleman, broke into the life of Tang ran, who has many suitors and is known as the proud son of heaven if all unexpected encounters are accidental then all the coincidences between Wen chenan and Tang ran should be deliberately arranged by God his tenderness, affection, details and unconditional preference made her fall step by step however, when they thought that each other was the other half of their life, something unexpected happened... Wen chenan disappeared... the sudden disappearance of the people in love made Tang ran unable to let go for a long time. she played hard, sang hard and worked hard. She became more and more popular and had more and more fans, The strength is getting stronger and stronger at this time... Wen chenan, who disappeared for two years, came back in the wanton reports of various media however, there was another woman standing beside him he told the media that it was his fiancee who was about to get engaged on this day, Tang ran spent 100000 yuan and hung up the No. 1 difficult doctor Wen's appointment "this patient, who are you?" "I'm yilia." "can you tell me what's wrong with you?" "it's uncomfortable to see you" "then I suggest you go to the mental illness Department opposite the building" "no, because... You're my heart disease..."

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