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The cannon fodder counter attack of the world

The cannon fodder counter attack of the world

The cannon fodder counter attack of the world

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    The cannon fodder counter attack of the world
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    Junci style
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    Sky Book
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2022-07-11 12:31:30
Liang Bing, who thought he could be reincarnated when he died, was bound by the 404 system, but who told her that he would wear into the evil eschatological world in the first life... facing the threat of a reborn woman and the calculation of having the heart of the virgin, Liang Bing said that there was no problem< Br> just destroy the space< Br> Hostess: ah ah ah! My space< Br> in the face of the girl's Secret calculation, Liang Bing directly picked up a sledgehammer and banged it at her, regardless of the resistance of everyone< Br> male host: smashed into meat sauce! How cruel! Sobbing, so scared< Br> people: this picture is so bloody, so dark, so violent< Br> Hostess: what I lost was space, but what she lost was a living life< Br> dressed as a weak chicken in the Shiwen, Liang Bing said it was none of his business. Hang up high, what! Mother actually sold herself to the man as a wife? Liang Bing refused!!! Hurriedly launched their own rebirth girl with a black heart< Br> doesn't this baby like to be a stepmother? Let her go! I'm just a diligent farmer< Br> female owners: farmers? Which farmer will turn over the window and hit me in the middle of the night like you< Br> the reborn girl who just added old wounds to new wounds: you dead bitch! You are a farmer, whose name is written upside down< Br> woo woo, it hurts< Br> for all this, a woman stood up and said she was innocent< Br> I'm obedient. After all, 404 said, I have to live with it. You let me fight, but I don't want to fight you< Br> sure enough, it's right to listen to the system. No, I'm getting better< Br> in this article, the female owner is greedy for life and death, greedy for food, strong and funny, no male owner, dedicated to career, beautiful alone!

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