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Husband s golden finger

Husband s golden finger

Husband s golden finger

Rating: 9 / 10 from 15285 ratings
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    Husband s golden finger
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    Green bamboo Lin
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    Cool Novel
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2022-05-13 22:13:46
This book has two male masters, both of whom have new fingers, experience in changing map brushes invention, creation, farming and family support are all right during the Tang Dynasty, one Xiao and one sword traveled all over the world. Go to see the miasma ridden Lingnan and treat malaria by the way; Go to see the bustling Chang'an and brush your face and install an X in front of Li erbi; Go to Europe to see the backward technology and savage aristocracy, and roll some specialties by the way; Go to America to get potatoes, tomatoes and cinchona cream... Emma, why are there so many good things in America? Why don't you stay and be a local overlord.

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