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Singing with admiration

Singing with admiration

Singing with admiration

Rating: 9 / 10 from 9789 ratings
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    Singing with admiration
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    Medicine prayer
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    Mountain Book
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2022-06-26 19:18:54
"Carry it by heaven. The emperor said, I heard that there is a senior official Gao Pinyan who is self-discipline and self-discipline. He is cautious in the morning and hard in the evening. He is rewarded with valuable materials. I hereby grant you a Bachelor of cabinet and a residence so that you can take office as soon as possible and help me..." after receiving the imperial edict, the Gao family moved to the capital. When I entered the capital, I found that the capital was really magnificent and complex. However, as the niece of the prime minister and the sister of the No. 1 scholar in Jinke, Is the daughter of a cabinet bachelor afraid? We are serious about going through the back door. The noble daughter of the Gao family envies that life begins here... [noble daughter of the aristocratic family] vs [dark Guard]

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