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Upwind Valley

Upwind Valley

Upwind Valley

Rating: 9 / 10 from 4905 ratings
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    Upwind Valley
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    Qihu Lake
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    Hotel novel
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2022-07-04 00:15:57
Due to sudden changes at home, top student Li Ye chose to stay in the small county to start a business after graduating from high school. Xia Xiaogu forgot when he fell in love with his brother's classmate Li Ye. Was it the first time he came home with his brother for a holiday? That year he rushed home to wake up her who almost overslept? Obviously I like it to death, but because of a misunderstanding, love is missed. Four years later, five years later, they met again and missed, fell in love and tortured. The disparity of diplomas, the obstruction of family members, mutual misunderstanding, and all kinds of thorns hurt the two people in love. Fortunately, the valley against the wind will eventually be full of flowers. This article is a little sweet article about two-way salvation. Mild, but sweet.

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