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Boss, she has a pure nature

Boss, she has a pure nature

Boss, she has a pure nature

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    Boss, she has a pure nature
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    Under the South tree
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    Wine Novel
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2022-06-22 16:38:08
The Arctic ice sheet, which has been frozen for hundreds of millions of years, awakened the sleeping unknown virus and opened the prelude to the apocalyptic zombie era Ning Yu was originally a nurse fighting against the zombie virus, but because of the accident in the isolation area, she became one of the first people to infect different species and obtain powers. Her originally insignificant life seemed to be pushed down by an invisible hand before the wheel of the times - to live, or to be crushed "since when, what we want is not just to live." "it's better to be broken than complete." ... in short, this is a story about our jade sister's efforts to fight against harmless faces of people and animals, and gradually unable to cover up her irritable nature what you need to know: 1. The first seven chapters pave the way for the plot, which is boring. Babies who are familiar with the setting of the end of the world can skip reading; 2. There is no official CP in this article, and the love line will be carried out according to the needs of the plot!