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Come on, this host is a little two

Come on, this host is a little two

Come on, this host is a little two

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    Come on, this host is a little two
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    Arrogant elk
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    Happy Read
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2022-06-23 03:18:21
When an ordinary girl meets a strange system... ① Suning: "didn't you say you treat me as a sister?" an Jingzhi: "did you? Who said that! How could I say such words!" Suning: "... ② Chu Zimin:" I've heard that my aunt is good at running the family for a long time, and I'd like to hear it for the rest of my life " Lin Yiyi: "Brother die... Drink too much!" Chu Zimin: "I knew you didn't like this sour nerd!" Lin Yiyi: "I just didn't like you!" Chu Zimin: why is it so difficult to chase a woman! ............... Yin nanshau knows for the first time that he has the attribute of "scum woman", and scum can't bear to look straight at him! But what to do? If you love all, you can only love! what? In fact, all the people I love are the same. how is it possible, those arrogant, cute, cold Cruel, sick, elegant, ruffian and handsome... It's all one person! God, do I like a fine point!