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Dream goes with the day

Dream goes with the day

Dream goes with the day

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    Dream goes with the day
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    Guard Muluo
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    Free Novel
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2023-03-19 12:19:35
Romantic youth is not only love, but also precious friendship. Mu Xiaoyuan was originally a 26-year-old female elite in the workplace. She once had a secret love boy Luo Zhongtian on the third day of junior high school. Later, she failed to enter the same high school and never met again. One night, she accidentally fell into the river when she was drunk. It would be 10 years ago. She decided to change her destiny again, with a bumper harvest of love, friendship and career. Her junior high school friend Le Wenyue is also with Mu Xiaoyuan's senior high school classmate Zheng Ziyang. She has not only changed her life, but also changed the people around her, retaining her most precious and sincere feelings. Dreams go with the day. People should have dreams. Dreams go ahead of the day, whether they will become a reality or not, but I know that dreams are beautiful. Only with expectation can there be hope!

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