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I have something to say about the robbery

I have something to say about the robbery

I have something to say about the robbery

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    I have something to say about the robbery
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    Lujiang mountains and rivers moon
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    52weixin Books
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2022-05-31 07:46:44
[grumpy mouth and strange body, female sword God x forbear crazy criticism of the fox's righteous leader beauty] * the male leader is really crazy, beautiful, strong and miserable, a little sick and charming it is well known that Fang Chu, the leader of Cangcheng City, although he looks mediocre, is superior to his talent. At a young age, he has become a leader of decent and respected by thousands of people but he married an ugly wife without salt. It is said that he was not only ugly, but also had no accomplishments at all. Even though he himself loved his wife very much, he couldn't stand the busy affairs of the leader all day, coupled with malicious rumors from the outside, the ugly wife finally killed herself and died on the day when Fang Chu resisted the animal tide - Xumian struggled to climb up the reincarnation pool. He thought that a love forgetting pill would be eaten up. this black historical disaster should be over. I didn't know that there was no flying ceremony. The emperor Fengyang came up and said to clean up, and said, "don't hurry back if you haven't finished your love disaster" when Xu Mian asked, she knew that it was her beautiful moon. The Taoist couple of the right leader was crazy. It is said that she plans to destroy the three realms together and bury them with her. What can she do? She can only curse and arrest people -- Fang Chu found many reasons for his lover's death at the beginning finally found that he was the biggest murderer because of his own fault so Fang Chu made a decision he wanted to help his lover come back again, but he had met and didn't know him to realize a wish - Fang Chu wanted the other party to take his own life by hand, if she wanted him to die, he had only one wish, Is to stay in her heart forever, no matter what form.

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