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Soul crossing ballad

Soul crossing ballad

Soul crossing ballad

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    Soul crossing ballad
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    Delay in writing
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    Hotel novel
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2022-04-10 08:20:58
There are nine heaven and nine earth, which means there are nine heaven above and nine quiet below there is another nickname for Jiuyou, which is the netherworld there are thirty-two departments in the netherworld, and each department performs its own duties. In addition, few people know that there is a hidden department called huangquanyin. There are only a few people in this department, which is called the guide. It is mainly responsible for bringing those souls who can't leave into the Netherworld for some reasons. This kind of souls are often very powerful and must open their minds, Fulfill their wishes before they can bring them back our female leader, Jiang Li, is the guide of the yellow spring. Next, let's go into the history of 3000 years. Let's see the famous figures in history. What are their wishes pass: please don't take it as official history please support the finished work fanxi!

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