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She has a time and space gate

She has a time and space gate

She has a time and space gate

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    She has a time and space gate
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    Beichen forgets his worries
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    Happy Read
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2022-01-22 15:53:23
Those who like to rush to the sea, live broadcast, survive in the wild, and want to save the galaxy can come in of course, the protagonist was just bent down by 996 and had to quit her financial white-collar job and go back to the sea live broadcast in the fishing village fishing boats, mobile phones, going to the sea, live broadcasting, meager income, until one day, an accident happened as she fished along the ocean current, she broke out all kinds of magical big fish with good luck and became a million big v. unfortunately, she was dragged into the deep sea by the ocean current and hung up through the overhead Song Dynasty, she obtained the [live broadcast with goods in space and time] system. From then on, she started a magical journey of adventure in different space and time, live broadcast with goods and balancing space and time resources.

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