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The system wants me to be a rich man

The system wants me to be a rich man

The system wants me to be a rich man

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    The system wants me to be a rich man
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    Listen to the wind and rain
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    Only Novel
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2023-03-18 10:44:42
Alas... the days are getting harder and harder luozhizhi, a well-off family, is clearly a salted fish determined to be a rice worm since childhood. Even if it is turned over and roasted, it is the same who knows, once she was burned and bound by the Gouzi farming system, she had to make a fortune by farming... looking at her skinny brother and poor parents, Luo Zhizhi said: Gouzi, you tease me System: either farm well and get rich, or let you experience the taste of being burnt again and choose for yourself LUO Zhizhi: Wow ~ ~ people are obviously just salted fish. Where can god horse farm? Dog, you bully silver ~ ~ at the beginning, the system: hoe doesn't work like this! Wave it down with force... in the back, the system: the host, don't you have anything to ask LUO Zhizhi: cut, just plant a field. Who will be different!

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