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The imperial concubine is going to flee

The imperial concubine is going to flee

The imperial concubine is going to flee

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    The imperial concubine is going to flee
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    Light rain in the South
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    Health Books
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2022-05-05 23:05:52
[Tianchong] [1v1] [Qiangqiang] Shu Zhiluo from the future once crossed and became the imperial concubine. She likes to improve lengfu as a god of war and holding an intelligent "kitten", why don't you worry about walking sideways in ancient times make money and be a rich woman? Simple hand tearing green tea white lotus? Don't use your hands at all go to battle to kill the enemy and seize the city? That's my major fancy flirt? I'm good at it but she found that Gao Leng Shizi was strange she used to be dismissive of her. Now she looks like a hungry wolf. Her eyes glow green when she sees her prey Shu Zhiluo trembled all over. I'm afraid the palace can't wait leave a letter of divorce and I will leave a son of a noble family said fiercely: do you think you can escape?

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