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Xiaojiaojiao, he s milk and fierce

Xiaojiaojiao, he s milk and fierce

Xiaojiaojiao, he s milk and fierce

Rating: 9 / 10 from 2406 ratings
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    Xiaojiaojiao, he s milk and fierce
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    Liu yuechen
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    18ws Read
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2022-08-11 09:07:48
[rebirth Shuangjie] the original title of this book was "his smiling lips are very sweet". Jiang. The false domineering side reveals that the real person is beautiful and kind. The boss of the affiliated high school. Zi vs Shen. Only has deep feelings for Jiang Zi. Yan Shu, hehe, Xiaotian Wen, Xiaotian Wen, Xiaotian Wen SHEN Yanshu doesn't remember Jiang Zi after his rebirth, but he only remembers to write him in his own book. The first Jiang Zi drained his blood for her, and the second Jiang Zi committed suicide in the second week after her death. In the hot summer, he was wrapped in a layer of ice, cold and gentle, and his handsome face was like a handicraft Shen Yan wrote in her book that people who have been reborn cannot enter reincarnation after death. Just when she thought she would never see Jiang Zi again, they met again in summer. He was gentle enough and she was affectionate enough [God crossed all living beings, but forgot two people.] [I was born in darkness and grew up in hell. No one told me what the world was like.] [the blood of a young man conquers the darkness of the world, and is as hot as the heart.] -- please don't tangle and imitate too much. Life can't come back. Think twice before you act. Young readers should be optimistic——

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