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Sheng Chong s general s daughter

Sheng Chong s general s daughter

Sheng Chong s general s daughter

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    Sheng Chong s general s daughter
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    Su Yitang
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    Long Novel
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2022-01-14 17:30:36
"Your name is Changning?" the Royal Prince in front of her smiled like the high sun in the clouds. "Changning can't compare with Changning. I'll call you Changning later?" when I first met Jun Yihan, Yu Changning was twelve years old. It was the age of cardamom. The gentle childe's name made her live for him for half of her life the road she has traveled in her life is too far and too twists and turns. In a few short words, she can't tell the thousands of sails she has read in her later memories, the past events were too complicated, and some of them even couldn't remember clearly. Except that the gentle childe kept her crazy and paranoid in the name of love, it seemed that only a young man in red was always vivid and fresh, which was carefully stored in her heart she shook her head with some regret let love, hate, anger and infatuation go with the wind. This life is so hasty and absurd that it is not nostalgic and do not think about it. Only by taking advantage of the time and living in the present can it be regarded as liberation.

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