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Husband, he doesn t allow me to be an immortal

Husband, he doesn t allow me to be an immortal

Husband, he doesn t allow me to be an immortal

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    Husband, he doesn t allow me to be an immortal
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    Dream River Star
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    Beauty Read
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2023-02-25 12:15:10
(he, husband and wife both return home) Xiao Rubai, an exciting spirit, rushed out of the Yunxiao palace, and his little ancestor was reborn in Yunmeng building Yunmeng building—— Cough, yes, it's the kind of place you think in those days, who was she Mengli? It was a man of great power and ups and downs. He was favored by the emperor of heaven and used to four masters. The rules of heaven were changed for her, and the eight wastelands and three kingdoms were respected by her. With a cough, the whole heaven would shake originally, I thought that as the most favored little Gongju in the three realms, she could be happy and carefree all her life. Unexpectedly, in a battle between immortals and demons, she sacrificed her soul to heaven and died thousands of years later, she woke up as a lower slave in Yunmeng building. Spell? Not at all! Xiuwei? Not at all! Memory? all gone! Even so, Xiao Rubai recognized her it is said that someone chased his wife directly to the grave in the crematorium... Well, in the brothel at present, my lovely wife can only put aside all her face, accompany her to restore her memory, improve her spells layer by layer, and uncover the amazing conspiracy of the war thousands of years ago step by step ------ "I've never loved anyone. You're the first one. I'm afraid I'm not good enough to make you feel that it's just like loving someone, so I have to work hard to love you." ---- Xiao Rubai: "it's too tired to be an immortal. Shall we be mortals?" one: "not good." Xiao Rubai: "??... please give me your advice." one: "mortals live too short... I'm afraid of death."

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