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Douluo group pet just wants to be a vase

Douluo group pet just wants to be a vase

Douluo group pet just wants to be a vase

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    Douluo group pet just wants to be a vase
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    Fairy drinking
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    Only Novel
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2022-12-02 06:06:04
[well, the protagonist of this article has no CP and doesn't engage in orthopedics. Thank you ~ ( ̄▽  ̄ ~)] Tang Xing wine is very unfortunate. Her previous parents and elders are Guan Sheng, regardless of their spicy chicken. Her only brother died. After she committed suicide, she found that she had passed through and became a lovely intellectual disability who doesn't know anything in the world she is also very lucky because she is the son of fortune in the world, the sister of boss No. 1 Tang San, the daughter of boss No. 2 xiaotiandouluo, and the niece of boss No. 3 haotiandouluo. She is a little princess held in the palm of the whole family of Haotian sect as a master who can sit but not stand, and can lie but not sit, the eldest lady's self-cultivation: as a combination of the rich second generation and the powerful second generation, I swear that I will not do anything against the law and discipline (impossible), nor bully the weak (depending on the situation), but stay in the protection circle of my elders, happily break my sleep and spend money honestly Have a happy meal (this can be) I'm determined to be a group pet and live a happy life, so as to repay all the family members who work hard to make money for me Tang Xiaosan, as my brother, you must take my lazy sister as a negative example and educate yourself well you should remember that you must be promising in the future, such as creating a sect and being a double God. Otherwise, how can you feed my lazy sister Tang San:... I have a broken heart "highlight: protagonist, gender ♀」

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