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Why did I meet you

Why did I meet you

Why did I meet you

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    Why did I meet you
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    A flower for a girl of eighteen
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    52weixin Books
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2023-03-18 07:25:01
In 2004, Lin Xiaomu, who met Chen Yi for the first time, thought that the person who can't even be controlled by the teacher must be as far away as possible< Br> make complaints about the tragic beyond compare in this human world. In 08 years, Lin Xiaomu, who had seen Chen Yi's accidental encounter in Internet cafes, had been able to meet this God in such a remote place. Br > for 13 years, Lin Xiaomu, who had just entered college, cried to Chen Yi about how miserable it was to have to stay in his bedroom all weekend because he didn't know anyone. A week later, people who were originally in the capital of the motherland appeared in front of Lin Xiaomu's teaching building. Smiled and said to her, look, you're not alone in 17 years, Lin Xiaomu called Chen Yi the night before his marriage, "I'm a little sorry. It's so troublesome to get married." "it's too late to regret now, baby, after all... We even have children." the man on the other side of the phone said gently.

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