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Villains, she s rustling and wild

Villains, she s rustling and wild

Villains, she s rustling and wild

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    Villains, she s rustling and wild
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    Changchun Baishou
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    Only Novel
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2023-04-24 15:41:01
Once Chu Chenyu was reborn, he became a little white face who was disguised as a man and stuffed into a rich family as a redundant son-in-law "I want to divorce, but no one supports me. I'm waiting for a silly cabbage online." "I've brought all my documents with me. Do I go to the Civil Affairs Bureau today?" the young master of the Yan family has a wealth of money, is noble and indifferent, and has cold Machinery in dealing with the world. Everyone stays away from him however, only a divorced little white face was held on the tip of his heart, and an iron cage was specially built to close fierce animals, waiting to lock people in one day "have a Yu figured it out?" a handcuff was fastened on the wrist bone, and Chu Chenyu shook her head with a smile: "I don't like the iron cage very much. Change it?" "gold? Glass?" Yan Zheng twisted a deep mark between his eyebrows, "or you pick it yourself?" a woman who has a dusty temperament in front of outsiders and doesn't eat human fireworks, cold and broken, picked her lips and smiled, The backhand untied the handcuffs and held master Yan seriously and simply "I prefer the cage with you." - later, people deeply realized that the little white face of the Chu family who eats soft food is fierce and cruel. He is not soft hearted when he starts. He is simply the "living hell" in the world no one can afford to be provoked. They can only watch others beat their faces and abuse slag. They are quite ruthless young master Yan hugged his daughter-in-law, who was hard won in his arms, and rubbed her hand in the face. "Does it hurt? Let me rub it for you." Chu Chenyu: an fen.jpg

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