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Quick to wear a thousand gold concubines

Quick to wear a thousand gold concubines

Quick to wear a thousand gold concubines

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    Quick to wear a thousand gold concubines
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    Sweet pumpkin
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    Apple novel
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2023-03-27 20:05:18
In her previous life, she was the daughter of the Xie family. Her father deterred the north from the south of the town, but her loyalty could not escape the conspiracy above the chaotang for her father's consideration, she married the leader of the Northern Territory I thought I could live in peace. Unexpectedly, God played a joke on him the plot did not end because of her compromise. When the bloody truth spread out in front of her, she finally recognized her fate three years later, when she woke up, she became her father's sworn enemy, the humble and cowardly common woman in her family can she still protect everything she didn't protect in her previous life turn Menying's daughter into a concubine and see how Junyu moves against the wind!

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