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Top stream queen, I burst red after crossing

Top stream queen, I burst red after crossing

Top stream queen, I burst red after crossing

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    Top stream queen, I burst red after crossing
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    Orange jean jean
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    Wind Book
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2023-03-28 02:40:17
Luo Yao is born with a good skin bag, but she is not a popular female artist in the entertainment industry. An accident, Luo Yao was unconscious for three days. The whole network is scolding her for her poor acting skills, bad temper and no culture. Do you still want to pretend to be miserable? Who wants to open his eyes again, but Luo Yao unexpectedly burst into red - black powder: Luo Yao has no quality. Such artists should be resolutely resisted LUO fan: treat people politely from afar, talk gently, and can't find fault walking, lying and sitting. Where is no quality - black powder: Luo Yao doesn't have acting skills and doesn't deserve to be an actor at all LUO fan: sorry, Dianzhong moon has 130 million broadcasts per day, with a score of 9.4 - black powder: Luo Yao has no culture and is not worthy of being an idol LUO fan: please take a look at the calligraphy she wrote in the 11th issue of the reality show and come back to be the keyboard man. Thank you - black fan: Luo... LUO fan: Yaoyao is not only proficient in piano, chess, calligraphy and painting, but also in martial arts. She also... black fan: "you misunderstood, I'm not here to blackmail her, I'm also her fan ~" - so I've been playing in the entertainment industry for three years and 18 lines, and finally became popular. When Luo fans love their own cubs every day, they have no resources, are always hacked, used as tools, and have little money... An entertainment news smashed a shocking melon. Luo Yao is the future president and wife of Yishi group! When Yi Zeyan looked at the news after CP the mobile phone God was replaced by words such as Mr. and Mrs. Luo Yi and the future president's wife, the corners of his mouth unconsciously aroused The Empress's father is a general, who used to wear clothes today

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