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Be a demon on the tip of his heart

Be a demon on the tip of his heart

Be a demon on the tip of his heart

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    Be a demon on the tip of his heart
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    Floating search
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    Ethical Novel
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2023-01-05 21:48:27
Introduction: [popular cartoonist] × [doctor Gao Leng] Guan Yao is an outstanding presence in Jiangning No. 1 middle school. The little girl has good grades and looks beautiful. Unfortunately, she is very obsessed with Zhou Yuhuai who is Zhou Yuhuai? It's an iron tree that hasn't moved for thousands of years. There is a saying that if one day even Zhou Yuhuai falls in love and you are single, you will probably be like this in your life but Guan Yao is a little tiger. She is bold enough to confess to him in front of the headmaster. Her love for Zhou Yuhuai has always been a well-known secret during the school celebration, Guan Yao made a bet with someone. She didn't think Zhou Yuhuai would favor others in advance. Later, she lost the bet. She was not the one who couldn't afford to lose, but from that day on, her future would never be left blank for a person named Zhou Yuhuai many years later, she went to the hospital because of a cold. She was caught off guard and saw Zhou Yuhuai again Guan Yao pretended not to recognize him and looked at the man in the white coat quietly although he is still handsome, Guan Yao doesn't think he still likes him after nine years What Guan Yao didn't expect was that later this man became her boyfriend, just as she expected when she was young. Those stories hidden in time, the truth came out after all.

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