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White Dew

White Dew

White Dew

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    White Dew
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    History ice
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    The One Book
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2022-09-23 00:05:04
There is a kind of girl, low education is the label on her body, gnawing old has nothing to do with them forever most of them are the eldest daughters of the family. It is not their style to complain about others. Their character is to report good news without reporting bad news, be sensible and frugal. They are the children who repay kindness in the eyes of their parents, the backbone of the family and the most loyal reliance of their brothers and sisters they have no regrets about what they have done and do not ask for return for their family's efforts, not because they are great, but simply can't see the hardships of their family and the fatigue of their parents love is always a little far away from them. Being trapped by love doesn't seem to happen to them. They are helpless. When the sky falls, they will rush to the front and bear it by themselves. Their heart is like a rock. They are as tough as wild grass. They are women running without an umbrella in the wind and rain.

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