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Cain the blood race was touched

Cain the blood race was touched

Cain the blood race was touched

Rating: 9 / 10 from 13956 ratings
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    Cain the blood race was touched
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    Serious adult cat
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    Ethical Novel
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[paranoia and mutual favor] a long time ago, an old Taoist priest predicted that Cain would come into the world, the blood family would be unified, the world would be in chaos, and the end would come but the old man missed a woman, a woman who was pestering Cain... one day... "Lord, there is a woman named mu Xiaoran. She said... She is pregnant with your child and wants to see you to have an abortion." the servant reported with a little panic "Oh?" "yes, Lord, what do you think to do?" "..." Cain turned around, exposed his evil face, raised his thin lips slightly, and said something that made the servant's heart unbearable "well, her courtship is very special this time. If I bring her up, I have to give her a child first." - spoil each other, no junior, no misunderstanding the male leader is crazy and scary, while the female leader is cute and scary.

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