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Koi small cute treasure is very fierce

Koi small cute treasure is very fierce

Koi small cute treasure is very fierce

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    Koi small cute treasure is very fierce
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    Mu orange 12
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[Tuan Chong xiaomengbao vs villain boss] as the last Koi God in the world, mubao, the little fish fairy shepherd, was reborn in order to meet the wishes of his benefactor in his previous life however, the days after rebirth are not easy the father emperor is a tyrant, Zhuma is a paranoid villain, and there are a lot of people around who always want to harm her the four-and-a-half-year-old Princess clenched her fist hum, you want to hurt me? Fortunately, I have four brothers as Dharma guardians big brother: big brother has two golden mountains. Which one do you want? Forget it. I don't like money third brother: you can choose any girl in Qianxi city. Bah, I mean, you can choose the script Fourth brother: those who bully my sister will die brother five: mu'er, look, do you like the new toy made by brother five for you since then, Xiao Mengbao, four and a half years old, with four brothers, began to start her small business... the villain Zhu Ma Lu Wanzhi, who has hidden his identity for many years, is determined to destroy the Qian country as a result, he was targeted by xiaomengbao Qian lingmu is four and a half years old bang the rattle beat on Lu Wanzhi's head "little brother, play with me ~" Qian lingmu is five and a half years old PA the fleshy little hand shouted on Lu Wanzhi's face "little brother, how many mosquitoes do you have on your face ~" Qian lingmu is six and a half years old dada ~ xiaomengbao came out with a piggy bank "little brother, how will I marry you when I grow up?" later, the villain was corrected and the tyrant obeyed Liang the whole family was neat and all followed her for a living.

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