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Priceless wife: Li shaochong s wife is addicted

Priceless wife: Li shaochong s wife is addicted

Priceless wife: Li shaochong s wife is addicted

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    Priceless wife: Li shaochong s wife is addicted
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    Noodle strips
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    Lava Novel
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2022-01-14 18:07:34
She met him in a game she was worried about by her prey. The game was launched what she couldn't get was the best. Without the woman he couldn't win, of course, Wen Qianqian was no exception. If she still couldn't win, it could only be said that she didn't lose money "Li Siyan, you're a devil" "Devil? Do you know what a devil looks like? Now I'll show you what a devil really looks like." He kept torturing her, leaving her with only the last breath, and what he wanted most was the three words he unscrupulously made her fall in love with him, but in the end he lost his heart. After all, he lost the game of prey first the child is gone, you can leave. Don't you love him, Wen Qianqian, I gave up you, and this time it's as if I don't want you, Gong Hi, you took my heart away too. I'll give you my heart. Will you give me your heart? for the first time, Li Siyan begged someone in a low voice, I can feel my feelings for you even if I'm blind. Why can't you see? Li Siyan never thought he would fall in love with someone and love so wholeheartedly, even if it took his life, he would die Wen Qianqian, I thought you were God's compensation, so I lowered the bottom line and gave up the principle, but later I found out... You were God's robbery,

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