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Famous house, old dream

Famous house, old dream

Famous house, old dream

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    Famous house, old dream
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    Woske Novel
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2022-01-26 00:07:44
Ten miles away, beautiful and flashy, but she was surprised and fell down. The storm surged, the years twists and turns, he cleared away layers of fog, bumpy and towering this is a competition for power, a popular drama, the past of a generation of beauties, and the past life of a famous house she is a well-known girl with rich clothes and food. She was once a famous female writer in Shanghai, but she had to step into the snow moon and flowers; He is a young general whose identity is a mystery. He returns from abroad with high spirits and stands in the flames of troubled times with unparalleled wisdom the people of the world remember the romantic history of the beautiful girl, but they don't know that she has only one bright moon and shadow in her mind, which will last forever.

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