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The cannon fodder woman wearing books is a big man

The cannon fodder woman wearing books is a big man

The cannon fodder woman wearing books is a big man

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    The cannon fodder woman wearing books is a big man
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    Yan Nanyu
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    Pc Books
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[1v1] sweet pet ten skills are full, self-reliance, outstanding young people in society. Ling Xi, the beautiful little fairy of the Oscar, passed through and still wore the ashes of the same name among the worst marisu on the super campus she had seen The hostess's name is Sheng Xingchen, with many men, and she wears the worst cannon fodder in the play Ling Xi: I think the fairy has been insulted I just feel extremely unlucky. I just want to support myself by myself. I didn't expect to be forced into a "no return road". Since then, the cannon fodder counter attack journey has been started I thought that I had laughed at the exposed protagonists in those books, and was seen through the first day I wore them Ling Xi: the clown is myself Ling Xi, who has won the Oscar, said: I don't deserve it this is not the worst. The worst thing is to provoke a schizophrenic boss obviously, he is a cold-blooded, ruthless, black bellied and cunning villain. As a result, he is a lovable little cute Master 'Fu chenze': the cold and abstinent wolf dog wants to fatten her every day Fu chenze, a deputy personality: make trouble with a small milk dog, sell cute online every day, act like a spoiled child Ling Xi: save the child children just want to live a single life Ling Xi: I can't afford it. Can't I hide but Ling Xi found that her boss brought her own locator, and she could be found wherever she was? The story is gradually moving in a strange direction..... [the appearance is high and cold, and the inside is sand carved and lovely female master vs the appearance is innocent and lovely, and the inside is fine and divided into black male masters]

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