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The big man died and became a white moonlight

The big man died and became a white moonlight

The big man died and became a white moonlight

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    The big man died and became a white moonlight
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    Small pomelo peel
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    Wine Novel
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2022-01-25 09:31:04
[in the early stage, she was slightly abusive, but in the later stage, she was sweet, 1v1.] sister Jiang, a demon ten thousand years ago, was beautiful and dregs, but she was ill. She did all kinds of evil, and had a bad reputation. With one's own strength, he released all the monsters and ghosts falling into the abyss and became a sinner for thousands of years but I don't want to overturn and be arrested by the damned God of heaven with beauty What, the beautiful and cold God of heaven fell into a deep sleep and needed her rescue help, why not with the goal of secretly killing the LORD God of heaven, sister-in-law Jiang set out to the small plane in Jiang's impression, isn't this guy a high cold group but - -- the lonely and sticky little milk bag young master held her in a soft voice and said softly: "sister-in-law, how are you? Can you hold her?" -- the sick and tender, dark and weak Prince poked her with food, imprisoned her and said: "sister-in-law, I'm sick and need you to make medicine." -- the beautiful and attractive male ghost winked, She hooked her finger and said: "sister-in-law, I'm dying. Hurry up and take a sip." sister-in-law Jiang: I must have opened it in the wrong way. Hold on, don't panic!

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