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Boss, she is a top Xuanshi

Boss, she is a top Xuanshi

Boss, she is a top Xuanshi

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    Boss, she is a top Xuanshi
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    Stop rolling
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    Cool Novel
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2022-05-08 07:27:35
Bai ran was assigned homework by the master before going down the mountain. He saved enough merit to open the Lingjie and was pleasantly surprised as a result, Fengcheng has a top-level leader who accumulates virtue and does good deeds to deal with unscientific problems "do you think it's scientific? If it's not scientific, it's right to find me." "what, don't you believe?" Bai ran compassionately took out a bottle of cow tears: "it's time for you to accept the baptism of unscientific education." - the contract of personal protection. The Millennium fierce ghost is a loyal dog, little wolf dog: "dare to hurt me, Ran Ran, it's an unforgivable crime!" The criminal investigation captain was washed three times by her: "if you're not here, it's an accident. I believe it. When I see you, I don't believe it." the beast roared angrily and angrily: "you're the demon, and your family are demons! I'm a beast, a beast!" Bai ran waved his hand with a smile and said, "I'm not a capable man or a strange man. I'm at most a big man." - story of main line + series branch line pit products are guaranteed and will be revised from time to time there are a lot of male characters. First develop and shape the characters, and finally see whether or who the male owner has the intention ~ the author's copy is useless. Friends passing by click in to see the content, and then go to the new book for collection, comments, valuable suggestions and reading feedback!

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