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The creator of fast wear wants to die

The creator of fast wear wants to die

The creator of fast wear wants to die

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    The creator of fast wear wants to die
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    Dream cool
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    Free Novel
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2021-12-13 23:37:44
She deliberately planned her death, but she didn't expect to be resurrected what tasks do you have to do she just wants to die as a powerful Creator God, she naturally enjoys the happiness of abusing slag on the road of death. What? What? Can't use divine power, do the task according to the rules go to your rules, I am the rules< Management Bureau: can she study hard in the campus world Observer: my lord... She became a teacher in the campus world and tried to encourage the whole school to practice immortality together an adult: - Gong Dou article Administration: can she feel despair in the palace Observer: Well... She seems to dislike always looking at the dog emperor's face and acting very annoyingly, so she became the emperor herself an adult: - Entertainment: Administration: let her taste the feeling of being raped by the Internet Observer: Well... As soon as she looks up, she is an international superstar an adult: NIMA, these mortals only look at their faces - President: Management Bureau: let her experience the story of taking money, running with the ball, white moonlight and doubles< Br> Observer: as like as two peas, the son of the world's fortune is exactly the same as you say... : a! Br > - do tasks at will in each world, so as to break down each world (cross it out). Absolutely not subject to any grievance, the hostess is falling strong and falling beautiful every world 1v1 or no CP welcome to the pit and be determined to write cookies.

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