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Gemini Nirvana sister hung up again

Gemini Nirvana sister hung up again

Gemini Nirvana sister hung up again

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    Gemini Nirvana sister hung up again
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    Yuanfang Poetry Road
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    Wine Novel
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2022-01-17 10:01:33
A year ago, Han Ying, the "cold beauty" of the prince of Qi's residence, went to the state of Eastern Wu with the king of Qi as a proton. King Yuanchen of Qi was assassinated and died, but he unexpectedly resurrected, while Han Ying died strangely. Since then, the king of Qi never let another woman touch him. A year later, Han Ying returned as mingjingyun, the granddaughter of Dingguo, and was married to the king of Qi. When the king of Qi was in danger, everyone gave him up. Only Jing Yun stood up to save him... Meng Qingyun, the "poison Fairy", died to save Xiao Yao a year ago. Xiao Yao was devastated. A year later, Meng Qingyun turned into a famous young lady, Ming Yiyi, and returned. Xiao Yao recognized her, but watched her marry far away

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