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Female Marquis of Xianmen

Female Marquis of Xianmen

Female Marquis of Xianmen

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    Female Marquis of Xianmen
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    Zitui banquet
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    Free Novel!
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2021-11-24 17:57:22
Every time fate gives Ruby a gift, it must give her a critical blow when she was young, she changed hands three times and was able to enter Xianshan for cultivation. She thought she had earned money. Unexpectedly, 77 human lives were lost behind it when she was young, the prophecy said that the chaos of the seven countries began with her. She proved her innocence and completed ten most difficult tasks in the world. She thought she had lost, and finally found that this was the destiny of heaven everything in the world can be figured out. Only he is a business that makes her feel that she makes profits and losses from time to time in short, this is the story of an ambitious man who is frightened by the damn prophecy and tries to make the prophecy come true.

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